Cooldown Canons (Richard Filz) English Version

33 body percussion canons for ages 8 to 88 (Download incl. PDF with 10 pages, 33 Video clips and 2 Playbacks)


Cooldown-Kanons is a collection of diverse body percussion canons designed to help individuals from 8 to 88 years old unwind, release tension, and relax after a period of intense concentration. This refreshing effect is enhanced by performing the canons to the well-known "Canon in D" by Pachelbel and the "Cool Groove" by Richard Filz.
From "easy" to "very cool," the canons are categorized into four levels:

1. Easy Starter Canons: These simple canons quickly provide a sense of achievement and are perfect for beginners.
2. Very Cool Canons: Slightly more challenging, these canons offer an exciting challenge for advanced players.
3. Move Canons: Incorporating sideways steps and turns, these canons add movement and dynamism to your group.
4. One-Two Canons: These canons combine playing in a circle with the characteristics of a two-part canon, resulting in particularly impressive choreographies.
The difficulty level of the categories increases progressively, allowing the canons to be easily adapted to the group's abilities. You are supported in the selection and implementation by 33 included video clips, each showcasing the finished result and serving as a practical guide.
Whether used in classes, groups, or leisure activities, Cooldown-Kanons offers an ideal opportunity to make music together, relax, and have fun.

Body Percussion Legend
Tips for development and conducting
Easy Starter Canons
Very Cool Canons
Move Canons
One Two Canons

Easy Starter Canons
Very Cool Canons
Move Canons
One Two Canons

01 Cool Pachelbel
02 Cool Groove


Level: beginner, intermediate
Language: English
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