Body Percussion Level 1-10 – The comprehensive streaming course from very easy to very challenging

(6 hours video tutorials incl. 60 pages eBook and 18 Playbacks)


Body Percussion Level 1-10 is a comprehensive interactive video course for those who wish to discover their body as a fantastic rhythm instrument and gradually immerse themselves in the fascinating universe of Body Percussion.

The material is carefully divided into 10 lessons ranging from 26 to 45 minutes, following a progression from very simple to challenging. Each level is structured with warm-ups, the introduction of new sounds and techniques, Body Percussion rhythms, Bpdy Percussion challenges, and the musical application as accompaniment to pop songs and classical music. Throughout the step-by-step learning process, you are supported by an eBook containing all notation examples and 18 playbacks that can be used flexibly.

The goal of this course is to develop comprehensive skills in the field of Body Percussion, understanding its application in various contexts, fostering creative handling of the material, and the ability to develop one's own song accompaniments, leading up to soloing and improvisation.

Richard Filz, one of the most experienced Body Percussion performers and educators globally, has infused his extensive expertise from over 4000 workshops with various age groups into this work. The result is Body Percussion Level 1-10, a true treasure trove of ideas for anyone engaged in music and rhythm, whether in practice, teaching, or out of passion..

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RhythmOne 2024
ISBN 978-3-903381-58-2
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