COMPLETE RHYTHM METHOD – LEVEL 2 (eBook) English Version

The Rhythm Success Program for Instrumentalists, Singers and Dancers, for Self-Study and Creative Teaching
(120 pages, incl. 33 Video-Clips and 18 Audio-Recordings)


Discover the extraordinary world of rhythm with the revolutionary COMPLETE RHYTHM METHOD® – a comprehensive rhythm training program designed to nurture and refine your rhythmic abilities.

The "Complete" approach encompasses the entire body and the instrument, leading you through a spectrum of rhythmic challenges. From mastering basic pulse exercises to navigating diverse time signatures, note values, intricate cross-rhythms, and polyrhythms, this method covers it all.

What sets this program apart is the innovative toolkit, featuring the CRM Rhythm Language, CRM Body Code, CRM Finger Counting Method, and immersive practice scenarios involving voice and body percussion. With these tools at your disposal, practicing rhythmic tasks becomes an engaging and irresistible journey. We provide not only the exercises but also the context, ensuring that you truly understand the concepts.

Enhancing your learning experience are 33 video clips that vividly illustrate practice routines, accompanied by 18 practice loops for honing your skills. This comprehensive package guarantees that your individual learning and practice experience is optimized for success.

The COMPLETE RHYTHM METHOD® is your ideal companion if you're seeking to elevate your rhythmic confidence, stability, and flexibility to new heights. It's not just a learning tool but a treasure trove of creative ideas for rhythm instruction. Dive into the world of rhythm like never before and unlock your rhythmic potential today.

CRM Rhythm Language
CRM Body Code
CRM Swing Syllables
CRM Time Exercises
CRM Finger Counting Method
Chapter 1: 6/8 Time
Chapter 2: 12/8 Time
Chapter 3: 2/2 Time
Chapter 4: 5/4 Time
Chapter 5: 6/4 Time
Chapter 6: 7/4 Time
Chapter 7: Time Signatures Mix
Chapter 8: Swing Phrasing
Chapter 9: Quintuplets
Chapter 10: Sextuplets
Chapter 11: Septuplets
Chapter 12: Thirty-Second Notes
Chapter 13: Half-Note Triplets, Mixed Note Values
Chapter 14: Cross-Rhythm
Chapter 15: Polyrhythm


English Version

RhythmOne 2017 - 2023
ISBN 978-3-903381-56-8

YouTube Previews:
CRM Rhythm Language and CRM Body Code
Swing Phrasing
Rhythm Reading Exercise 7/4 Time
5/16 Corss-Rhythm
Rhythm 4 two Mixed Note Values


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