ABCMusic 01 (English Version)

Captivating instrumental music for rhythm pedagogical activities
(including 10 audio recordings, 3 video clips, and 3 pages of PDF)


ABCMusic is captivating instrumental music that is excellent for accompanying rhythm pedagogical activities, such as practicing and performing body percussion warm-ups. The tempos (original tempo and slow tempo) are adjusted to allow for smooth and precise execution of spoken text and body percussion sequences. The cool sound encourages enthusiastic participation and invites engagement.

What sets ABCMusic apart is its structure, which is inspired by the three-part form of pop songs and classical compositions. The simple arrangement supports clear cues and seamless transitions between activities.

ABCMusic offers endless possibilities for creative expression and musical exploration. From playful practice of a body percussion warm-up to individually crafting one's own body percussion hit – creativity knows no bounds here.
Creative use of ABCMusic
01 Stomp, clap, fantastic!
02 Stomp, clap, fantastic! slow
03 Wake up!
04 Wake up! slow
05 Good to see you!
06 Good to see you! slow
07 Let´s go!
08 Let´s go! slow
09 Welcome!
10 Welcome! slow
01 Body Percussion Warm-Up 1
02 Body Percussion Warm-Up 2
03 Creating Body Hit
RhythmOne 2023
ISBN 978-3-903381-54-4

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